Iris Inspection machines has introduced a solution for the online geometrical measurement of high quality pharmaceutical & perfumery glassware, and luxury tableware.

Proven under factory conditions at the premises of a leading international pharmaceutical glassware producer, the ‘Evolution dim’ equipment provides the advantages of non-contact inspection, no rotation and 3D vision on the production line.

This latest generation technology, combined with intelligent software, is dedicated to the needs of specialist pharmaceutical and perfumery glassware producers, for the inspection of luxury tableware, and for glass jars and bottles requiring high precision geometry.

Developed by inspection solutions specialist Iris Inspection machines, ‘Evolution dim’ dimensional measurement allows users to measure the geometry of glassware with a high resolution.

It measures profiles and diameters on three axes, as well as 360o verticality, article height and finish external profile and diameter using dedicated cameras.

3D combination is utilised for the precision measurement of article height, minimum and maximum diameters, bottle roundness and bulging.

Typical defects identified include tiny body deformations, ovalised sidewalls, diameter deformation and other minor geometrical defects on the body, as well as bulged and sunken sidewalls.

‘Evolution dim’ calculates the verticality of each container to measure the body or finish shifting. Defect examples include lean articles, offset finish or bent neck.

In addition, a dedicated finish camera integrates the accurate measurement of minimum and maximum finish diameters and heights, the height of the finish ring, as well as the finish flatness.

Caption: Inspection zone for diameter deformation, non-round sidewall, other minor geometrical defects on the body, bulged or sunken sidewall and out-of-spec height.