Owens Corning has been in business for 75 years, having begun when an experiment with glass building blocks revealed a way to make glass fibres in commercial quantities.

On the 31st October 1938, Owens-Illinois and Corning Glass officially incorporated Owens-Corning Fiberglas, based in Toledo, Ohio.

Today, Owens Corning's world headquarters remains in Toledo, but its operations span the globe.

The company produces residential and commercial building materials, including insulation and roofing shingles; glass fibre reinforcements for products such as cars, boats, wind blades and smart phones; and engineered materials for composite systems.

One milestone of which the company is particularly proud of is its global commitment to safety. Over the last 11 years, Owens Corning's recordable injury rate has reduced from more than 1,000 to less than 100 per year. The company’s goal is to achieve a zero-injury workplace across its nearly 100 worldwide facilities.

Other recent milestones include the company earning placement for the fourth year in a row in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World).