Owens Corning has signed an agreement with AGY to better serve and grow the composites market with S-Glass reinforcements.

Owens Corning will license its S-Glass technology exclusively to AGY, which will assume commercial and operating responsibility for all of Owens Corning's S-Glass-related business from August 1, 2014.

AGY is a global producer of glass fibre yarns and high-strength glass fibre reinforcements.

“This agreement enables our customers to benefit from AGY's global leadership in S-2 Glass while realising the full potential of Owens Corning’s S-Glass technology,” said Steven Vermeulen, vice president and managing director of Owens Corning's Engineered Solutions business.

“For Owens Corning, this agreement provides the opportunity to better realise the value of S-Glass technology, while at the same time allowing us to focus more intently on core products and initiatives.”

Owens Corning S-Glass products will serve as a complement to AGY’s existing S-2 Glass business and the agreement will enable AGY to leverage Owens Corning's global market development expertise to grow demand, particularly in the area of S-Glass engineered thermoplastics.