Pace Glass is planning to focus on 30 Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) glass single stream operations in its new Andover Township, New Jersey site.

The recycling glass processor’s new facility will cost $70-90 million and is situated on 87 acres. The expansion was brought on by an increased demand of cullet in the US and will focus on scraps from all the recycling yards in the entire New Jersey region.

George Valiotis, Pace Glass’ CEO, said: “Our production utilises optical sorters and a very good combination of equipment to sort it and recover the cullet by colour, and produce very clean cullet for our customers.

“Our new facility will also produce finegrind material destined for Owens Corning, JM and Knauf Insulation.

"We anticipate 80-90% of our feedstock to be MRF glass from single stream operations.”

The new site in New Jersey will have a recycling capacity of close to 800,000 tonnes of glass per year and 15,000 tonnes per week.

Mr Valiotis continued: “[We are focusing on MRF] Instead of focusing on clean glass, which is limited and usually produced for beverages, beers and bottle retention centres.

“It’s harder to [focus on MRF glass] because the feedstock is relatively contaminated and it has a lot of other items in there.”

Pace Glass has also made plans for the new site to be energy conscious. This will involve using solar panels, renewable energy and other waste energy technology to burn waste, as well as to create electricity.

To find out more, look out for an interview with Pace Glass' CEO George Valiotis in Glass International's June issue.