PepsiCo India Holdings will use non-returnable glass bottles for its packaging for the first time.

The Indian subsidiary of US food and beverages company PepsiCo has introduced the non-returnable glass bottle with a twist-and-turn cap for its Pepsi Black zero-calorie carbonated beverage, reports Live Mint.

This is the first time the carbonated beverage maker has sold cola in glass bottles that consumers do not need to return at the point of sale.

Until this point, Pepsi Black had been available in cans and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

Non-returnable glass bottles have their advantages. “Cola is best enjoyed chilled and from a glass bottle. Non-returnable glass bottles also make on-the-go consumption possible. And these bottles can be re-used at home. This is an experience driven packaging disruption,” said Raj Rishi Singh, director (marketing for Pepsi), PepsiCo India.

The company will initially sell Pepsi Black in non-returnable glass bottles in metro cities, and will extend the reach to other towns.

The price will remain the same as the price of cans. Like 250ml cans, the 250ml non-returnable glass bottles are available at Rs25.

The company will not drastically move to the new form of packaging. It will initially be restricted to niche products such as Pepsi Black.

The company is also selling the sparkling version of Himalayan, a water brand owned by NourishCo Beverages in ‘well-designed glass bottles’ that was earlier sold in PET. NourishCo Beverages is a joint venture between Tata Global Beverages Ltd and PepsiCo.