Pilkington UK has sold more than 25 million insulating glass units (IGUs) through its Pilkington energiKare scheme since its launch in 2007.

Designed to meet the growing demand for energy-efficient windows, the scheme includes both double and triple glazing IGUs that improve the thermal efficiency of homes.

It also enables installers and fabricators to market IGUs under the Pilkington energiKare brand.

The scheme now has more than 450 members who benefit from a range of marketing and technical support direct from Pilkington UK Ltd.

They can also apply for a product licence in order to manufacture and sell energiKare IGUs themselves.

IGUs across the Pilkington energiKare scheme can now contain two distinct types of glass, including either an outer pane of Pilkington Optiwhite, a true low-iron, extra clear glass, or Pilkington Optifloat Clear, both of which help to optimise the degree of solar heat gain.

This helps a home feel warmer without the need to turn up the heating.

An inner pane of low-emissivity glass from the Pilkington K Glass or Pilkington Optitherm range prevents heat loss through the window.

Through the use of advanced coatings, glass combinations and gas-filled cavities, the products minimise heat loss and allow more of the sun’s energy to enter a building during the colder months, helping homeowners to save money on fuel bills.

The ability to now combine different types of glass within an IGU, and therefore achieve different levels of energy-efficiency, provides an increased degree of flexibility for end-users complying with building regulations based on either U-values or Window Energy Ratings (WER).

When installed within a suitable frame, products across the range are able to achieve a WER of up to A+, which is the highest level attainable.

Andy McDowell, commercial director at Pilkington UK, said: “Energy-efficiency is high on the agenda for many homeowners and this milestone is not only indicative of that, but also testament to the quality and performance of the energiKare range.

“Our investment in research and development means we’re able to bring the very best performance products to market, including those within the range, and it is an exciting time for us to relaunch this scheme.”

The latest product from the Pilkington energiKare range is Pilkington energiKare Advantage, a high performance double-glazing unit that can achieve a performance of 0.9 U-value, previously associated only with triple glazing.