Pilkington UK, part of the NSG Group, will roll out the second UK edition of its prestigious Glass in Architecture book at this year’s glasstec trade fair.

The book, originally launched in 2011, showcases some of the most prestigious architectural projects around the world, from public buildings to private homes.

It is inspired by creative uses of glass in buildings today and focuses on those where architects have combined functionality and sustainability with design.

All of the projects in this edition are unique.

They range from a McDonald’s pavilion in the heart of Rotterdam, where the architect used glass to blend the inside and outside of the building, to a viewing platform at ‘Le Pas dans le Vide’ in the French Alps.

Here, the frameless glazing of its glass box ensures nothing distracts the viewer from the landscape.

Glass in Architecture also features a number of public spaces, where glass has been used to create welcoming environments for visitors, from the Stonehenge Visitor Centre in the UK, to the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland.

In each situation, the glass incorporated into the architect’s design serves a variety of functions that help to enhance the aesthetics of the building, as well as its overall sustainable performance.

Kristian Chalmers, Marketing Manager at Pilkington UK, said: “Architects from all over the world continue to incorporate glass into their designs.

“This book is a reflection of their work and with projects ranging from commercial offices to private homes and public libraries, it’s clear the potential of glass in the built environment is endless.

“We hope Glass in Architecture will serve as a reminder how one of the most fascinating materials of the 21st century can be used in modern-day architecture.”

For more information about Glass in Architecture please visit: http://www.pilkington.com/en/global/commercial-applications/glass-magazines/glass-in-architecture