French glassmaker Pochet Group has partnered with luxury house Chanel to help manage its energy consumption.

The pair instigated an energy management project using a digital solution from Metron to reduce the glass manufacturer’s gas, water and electricity consumption.

Not only did the digital management solution allow Pochet to reduce its carbon footprint but also that of its clients, including Chanel, which initiated the project.

Thanks to Metron’s solution, a French cleantech specialising in digital energy efficiency solutions to decarbonise industry, the Pochet Group reduced the energy consumption of gas annealing arches - important machines in the production of bottles - by 27%.

This collaboration between the three players allows Chanel to reduce its emissions from its value chain (scope 3).

In 2021, the Pochet defined its decarbonisation plan which will make the group the first French glassmaker to equip itself with electric oven technology for luxury bottles.

An electric furnace will be commissioned at the end of 2024.

Electric fusion technologies will make it possible to produce highly carbon-free glass while retaining its brilliance and transparency.

The Metron solution was tested in Pochet’s glass factory in Guimerville, in Seine-Maritime. The site makes glass bottles and jars for the luxury industry, has 1,600 employees and produces a million bottles a day.

Chanel’s perfume bottles are also produced on this site.

Thanks to hundreds of data sensors across the production line, Metron’s real-time energy consumption visualisation solution makes it possible to measure, standardise and optimise energy consumption during the production of each bottle/ jar.

Following this experiment, the Metron solution is being deployed in Pochet’s seven other French industrial sites.

Benoit Marszalek, Director of Operations at Pochet du Courval, said: “This collaboration aims to continue the digitalisation of the Pochet Group and to offer our customers high quality products for sustainable beauty.”

Julien Garry , General Director of Purchasing, Development and Innovation at Chanel, indicates: “This initiative from Chanel with the Pochet Group and Metron benefits the entire ecosystem and contributes to the environmental transition of the luxury industry. It is by measuring precisely that we can improve sustainably.”