A plan for the use of green hydrogen in Portuguese glassmaking received local approval recently.

The Nazaré Green Hydrogen Valley project plans to install an industrial unit for the production in hydrogen for particular use by the glass manufacturing industry.

The project consists of the installation of a green Hydrogen and Oxygen production unit, through the electrolysis of water with an installed capacity of 40MW, using energy from a renewable source, in Marinha Grande, Portugal.

Members of the project include glass producers Vidrala, Leerdam Crisal Glass and BA Glass, as well as energy provider Rega Energy.

The plan received a favourable opinion from the Municipality of Marinha Grande recently.

The favourable opinion considers that the 'Nazaré Green Hydrogen Valley' project is in line with the national strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2050, since green hydrogen represents one of the most promising, accessible and sustainable energy solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which is in the public interest.

The municipality said: "The implementation of the project will directly benefit the municipality's business fabric, in particular the glass industry, consequently becoming a very positive and attractive factor for the region, promoting the establishment of Industry in the municipality and consequently the economic development of this Municipality and region."