The new Press Glass facility commissioned last year in Varaždin, Croatia has now been certified, confirming the quality of glass produced at the facility.

The facility specialises in manufacturing glass for the construction industry.

It has been certified by the German Window Technique Institute (ift Rosenheim), confirming the compliance of the insulating glass units and float toughened glass produced at the facility with the European standards EN 1279-5 and EN 12150-2.

As a result, such glass may be marked with CE signs.

A similar testing and certification process has been completed by the CEKAL institute.

This confirms that the glazed units produced at the facility in Croatia may be used in France.

Panes manufactured in compliance with the standards of the institute are marked with the “CEKAL 789” sign on the space bar.

“The certification processes held for the glass produced in the facility in

The new facility in Croatia is Press Glass’s fourth plant.

The company also has three manufacturing facilities in Poland.

Panes produced there are exported to a majority of European countries as well as to other continents, including North America and Asia.