According to the manufacturer, which specialises in producing glass for building industry, the website ( offers, amongst other things, updated design and full compatibility with mobile devices.

The new website is available in seven different languages.

This website replaces the old version,

The website’s responsive layout ensures convenient usage, as the interface automatically adjusts to fit a device’s window.

Press Glass also decided to refresh the design, and as a result the character of company’s activity is presented in a better way.

The website now offers, among other things, video recordings that present basic processes of light and heat transfer through glass, as well as configurators, which simplify comparing and choosing for example solar control glass, acoustic glazed units or screen printing.

A representative from Press Glass said: “While working on the website we took into account the newest trends in designing user-friendly websites.

“Most of the content remained in the form similar to the previous version, however the division is now more organised.

“We have changed, for example, the location of the bookmark with quick links, which lead to most often searched data and tools.

“In the case of some of the content we also decided to use infographics, which present chosen information in a more accessible way.

“All changes are oriented to make it easier for users to get an access to needed information.”

The glass manufacturer’s website is now available in seven languages: Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian.

In the next months an American version will be launched as well.