The programme for the 4thInternational Glass Fiber Symposium has been published.

The symposium will focus on glass fibre technology and take place on 29th – 31st October at Aachen University, Germany. The Industry Research Groups (IRG) will provide a platform for collaborative research at the Institute of Texile Technology (ITA).

The first meeting will take place from 1-5pm and include an open discussion on the IRG, followed by a registration and a welcome reception. The event is free of charge. A variety of research topics will be discussed and the attendees can choose the final topic.

After the meeting the IRG will provide a contract for cooperation, which can be signed by interested parties. If the chosen topic is not of interest to a company, it will not have to commit to the IRG and will have the option to leave without any financial loss.

The next day will take place from 9am-7pm, opening with a welcome ceremony and focuing on glass composition and melt technology, as well as glass fibre technology. Speakers will include Matthias Georsich from Linde Gas and Prof Dr Reinhard Conrad from GHI.

On the last day, which will begin at 9am, keynote speakers will include Dr Thomas Gries and Bond Laminates. The focus will be on glass fibre sizings and surface modifications, as well as glass fibre reinforced composites. It will finish with a closing ceremony at 5pm.

The IRG is a consortium of industry representatives participating in a joint research project, which the ITA will study over the course of one to three years. The consortium will decide on the direction of the desired research and gain access to exclusive research results. The delegates of the event will decide the research that will be conducted.

The IRG is open to topic suggestions before 6th October.

Pictured: RWTH Aachen University, Super C