Ramsey Products has developed a conveying chain using wear resistant materials while keeping the chain cost down - Ramsey’s R-Select chains.

R-Select chains put hardened, highly wear resistant chromium alloy links in the parts of the chain that are expected to wear the most. Other parts of the chain, which are less subject to wear, are made with standard, heat-treated steel links.

The chain is not made entirely of the more costly wear resistant links so the overall cost of the chain can be as little as 20% more than the cost of a standard chain.

Alternatively, those customers who are looking for optimum wear characteristics, and are less concerned about the added cost, can have chains made entirely from wear resistant alloy links.

Almost any style of Ramsey conveying chain can be made using the R-Select process. This includes single pin and two pin chains, chains with or without spacers, side guide, center guide, or multiguide chains. Lifeguard and Allguard FX chains can also be customized with R-Select to achieve optimum wear resistance.

Contact a Ramsey customer service representative for assistance in determining which chain best fits an application.