Designed to save time and make the process easier, the Ramsey RKO tool is used for connecting and disconnecting conveying chains.

The process can be particularly tedious and time consuming with wear protected chains like Ramsey Allguard FX and Lifeguard, where pin heads are recessed below chain link surfaces.

The RKO tool, or ‘Ramsey Knock Out’ tool, is designed to quickly and easily remove pins wherever a chain must be disconnected.

The same tool can be used to simply install chain connecting pins wherever chain sections are to be joined. The RKO tool also maintains chain link and spacer alignment during chain connection.

RKO knockout tools are equipped with modular guide plates that allow the tool to be adapted to almost any Ramsey Allguard FX or Lifeguard chain.

Just specify which type of chain you are using and the RKO tool will be delivered already setup to fit your chain. Alternatively, you can order the modular guide plates individually, and configure the tool for any chains that you wish.

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