UK glass recycling company Recresco has invested in glass sorting technology from Sesotec.

The K9 sorting plant, which enables enhanced sorting of glass from co-mingled kerbside and HWRC collections, was recently commissioned at Recresco’s Ellesmere Port site.

Industrial sorting machinery specialist Sesotec has worked with the glass industry for more than 40 years.

Its K9 optical sorting system boasts colour sorting ability, reduction of dust and increased material capacity through greater efficiency.

The technology means Recresco can separate glass fragments by colour more effectively while removing foreign material, such as ceramics, stones and porcelain (CSP) with ease.

The technology offers a premium quality end product by removing all contaminants including metal caps and easily detecting and removing heat-resistant and leaded glass.

Director Tim Gent said: “We have already noted an increase of around 20-25% in the capacity of glass going through our facility and a significant reduction in dust onsite due to the enhanced dust extraction feature.

“At Recresco, we are fully committed to the circular economy and are focused on meeting and exceeding recycling targets by ensuring glass is recycled back into a sustainable product and kept out of landfill or aggregate.”