The European Close the Glass Loop (CGL) platform will celebrate its two-year anniversary with its annual online event, scheduled for 30 June.

The event will also mark the International Year of Glass, with a focus on the global dimension of glass collection and recycling.

The keynote speaker, Dr Janez Poto─Źnik, Co-Chair of the UNEP Resource Panel, will open the event with a talk on the global circular economy.

The programme includes case studies on glass collection and recycling from Kosovo, Kenya and Guatemala, as well as virtual booths of CGL partners from 11 European countries, showcasing their activities.

The platform will also reveal the 2020 figures of glass collection for recycling in Europe at the event.

CGL's goal is to reach 90% average EU collection rate of used glass packaging by 2030 and improve the quality of collected glass.

See here for full agenda and registration.