This year’s course will be held on the 26-27 May, at the Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn, Estonia.

The intensive two-day course will be comprised of lectures, equipment demonstrations, practical stress measurements and informal discussions.

The course is intended for engineers, technologists and scientists from the glass industry and glass research laboratories, who wish to acquire contemporary photoelastic methods for residual stress measurement in glass products of any shape.

The participants may bring samples that they want to measure stresses in.

The course will focus on the topics of: basic elasticity; basic photoelasticity; integrated photoelasticity; stress field tomography; scattered light photoelasticity; automatic polariscope AP-07 for residual stress measurement in glass articles of complicated shape; scattered light polariscope SCALP for thickness stress measurement in glass panels; immersion technique; software for stress calculation using measurement data; and practical measurement of residual stress in tempered and annealed drinking glasses bottles, CRT bulb panels and neck tubes optical fibre performs, architectural glass panels and automotive glazing, etc.

The Director of the Summer School is Dr. Hillar Aben, Leading Research Scientist of the Laboratory of Photoelasticity of the Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology, and Scientific Director of GlasStress Ltd.

H. Aben has been involved in developing modern photoelastic techniques for glass stress measurement for more than 40 years.

He has published on this topic about 150 papers and two books and has been the organiser and main lecturer of the 15 previous Tallinn Glass Stress Summer Schools.

PhD Johan Anton is also on the faculty of the Summer School.

Mr Anton is Head of the Laboratory of Photoelasticity of the Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology and also CEO of Glasstress Ltd.

He is the author of the automatic stress measurement method in axisymmetric glass articles, and Chief Constructor of the polariscopes AP and SCALP.

He has 16 years experience in elaborating intelligent software for glass stress measurement with integrated photoelasticity and with the scattered light method.

Participants are invited to prepare 5-10 min presentations about their experience in residual stress measurement in glass.

The course Fee is €600, or €300 for students. The fee includes a copy of the Summer School lectures slides, a CD ROM with the compendium “Photoelasticity of Glass”, manuals of glass stress measurement polariscopes, lunch, beverage breaks, a place at the Summer School dinner, and a guided tour to the ancient City Centre.

Payments must be received before 15 May 2016.

There is also a social programme for accompanying persons, which includes an excursion to the ancient city centre, visits to art galleries and museums, etc. It is free of charge.

To register for a place on the course visit: