German recycling company Reiling has constructed a glass recycling plant at its location in Osterweddingen, Germany.

The newly built plant was commissioned in February, and has successfully completed its first few weeks of operation.

Reiling said via LinkedIn: “By continuously investing in innovative recycling technologies and plant construction, we are able to go even deeper into value creation and meet the increasing requirements of industries such as bottle glass, flat glass and insulating wool.”

The additional recycling plant will further process the rejects and fine-grain cullet, as well as poor incoming cullet qualities produced in the company’s current plants.

The advanced technology allows Reiling to sort heavily contaminated cullet and cullet in the fine-grain range.

For this purpose, the input material is pre-dried in a drum dryer and then processed in various sorting machines so that CSP, glass ceramics, lead glasses, FE and NE metals, organic materials such as foils and labels, but also larger plastic particles, are discharged.

In addition, colour sorting is also possible.

Due to the considerable improvement in the quality of the processed cullet, the glass can be returned to high-quality melting applications and remains in the material cycle.