Renata Gaffo has retired from her role as Director of GIMAV and Vitrum, having dedicated 30 years to the glass industry.

Laura Biason, previously Deputy Director, has been promoted in her place.

Mrs Gaffo said of her retirement: “I invested a lot of time and passion into the world I am leaving, and I will miss it.”

Mrs Gaffo started working with the glass industry in 1985, when she was appointed as Director of both the GIMAV association and Vitrum.

Her first Vitrum event occupied just 7,000 square metres, which expanded under her directorship to a record 31,560 net square metres in 2007.

Speaking about the growth of the show, Mrs Gaffo said “It made a formidable contribution to the worldwide image of ‘Made in Italy’.

“The result I am most proud of is the relationship inspired by mutual esteem and trust that developed over the years between GIMAV’s members and numerous collaborators.”