In this first half of the 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Revimac successfully realised more than 20 projects in six countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Thailand and Myanmar.

Other big projects are going to be realised within the end of this year and the first quarter of 2021.

The main projects have seen Revimac involved in the realisation of complete Forehearths, Forehearths Combustion and Automation Control System, Stirrer systems for cat scratch removal, IS Machines and complete lines including Servo Feeders, Ware Transfers, Stackers and Cross Conveyors, Re-Manufactured section boxes and Re-Manufactured Mechanical Feeders.

Revimac supported the glass plants working shoulder to shoulder and strengthening their close partnership and, as one result of our efforts, earning the faithfulness of big European glass group as new customer.

Meanwhile, from one side, the new Ware Transfer XHS700 has been announced as the result of the Revimac high performance ware handling equipment completion, capable to handle massive glass production at high speed in DG, TG, and QG.

On the other side, the Revimac Technical Department increased its forces with new specialists, becoming more reactive and ready to face changing times.