Revimac has launched the XHS 700 High Performance Ware Transfer, capable of transferring articles from primary conveyor to cross conveyor up to a speed of 950 bottles per minute (depending on container dimensions).

The new design is based on a double belt conveyor drive with a short auxiliary belt, that enables to keep the bottles in firm and steady contact with the fingers during their transfer.

The standard configuration comes with one drive for both belts and it is designed to have a 1:2 speed reduction ratio between the primary and secondary belt.

As an option, or, as per customer request, it can be installed with one drive for the primary and one drive for the secondary belt.

In this case, there is the possibility to set and adjust a different and independent speed on both belts.

In any configuration, standard or customised, the containers benefit a perfect stability during the transfer phase.

Moreover, the conveyor drive integrates a fixed cross-conveyor connection to guarantee a very steady article transfer, that is also supported by the perfect alignment between the belts, and the cross-conveyor is connected with a hinged terminal to compensate small height variations.

This new design is studied with a larger radius and a suitable chain guide along the transfer profile, where the fingers have no movable parts being directly supported by the belt in a position that is very close to the contact point of the container.

The combination of all these features, added to the alignment between primary conveyor and cross-conveyor belts, enable the containers to reach the maximum transfer stability between the two conveyors.

The system is designed to eliminate completely the vibrations on the pockets, thanks to the large guides and the automatic chain tensioner.

For easy alignment operations, the XHS 700 ware transfer is designed with an adjustable lower ware guide on the conveyor and cross-conveyor connection.

The adjustable transfer plate and the easy change system of the cross-conveyor roller, make operation and maintenance easier for the operators.

The integration of the double belt conveyor drive will be available for other Revimac Ware Transfer models as well.