Riedel is set to invest €40 million into capacity expansion at its two Bavarian production sites in Weiden and Amberg.

The company’s CEO, Maximilian Riedel, confirmed that the financing has been funded completely in-house, with no loans necessary.

At Weiden, which produces machine-made glass, two machines will be installed to expand the plant’s capacity, as well as a new high rack storage area and a packaging line.

The capacity expansion at the Amberg site will ensure that the plant primarily produces the Spiegelau brand glasses.

Spiegelau is one of the four main Riedel brands, and caters to a more general wine market than the grape-varietal specific Riedel brand glasses.

The company also produces glasses under the Nachtmann brand, which includes more decorative styles of glasses in its range, and currently bears the highest growth potential.

In total, Riedel´s annual production capacity is 55 million glasses, about 20 million of which are Riedel brand.

Riedel employs some 1,200 people and has an annual sales volume of €240 million.