Rolltech, part of the Glass Alliance network that includes the Fenzi Group, has revamped the design and navigation of its website while it has also updated content on its WinUW app that calculates the Psi value of IG units.

The new functions and content play a key role in the website, which has been enhanced with new technical themes related to the Group’s products.

Flyers, technical spec sheets, certifications and image galleries make access to specific information even easier and facilitate understanding of the advantages offered by each technology.

Constant updating means information about products and innovations is available in real time.

Timely response to requests for information and product searches make it easier than ever for users to access the details they need and to contact technical support experts.

The refresh also included updates to the WinUW app, developed by Rolltech to calculate an IG system’s Psi value in a few simple clicks.

The software calculates thermal transmittance based on the different spacer profiles used in the project. It has now been expanded to include the Thermix range among the available spacer profiles.

The application is free and is available in six languages (English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Polish).