RoMan Manufacturing has appointed James Gibson as the company’s Director of Global Sales.

James Gibson will be responsible for overseeing global sales functions across all RoMan divisions, including: automotive, industrial, furnace, glass and foundry.

Nelson Sanchez, COO of RoMan, said: “With the continued worldwide growth of RoMan, having a sales professional of Jim’s calibre on-board is the right move for RoMan. Jim’s experience not only brings executive-sales leadership to our diverse sales force and distributors in North and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa, but will help the company standardise all sales processes and systems across all of our product lines.”

Mr Gibson has over twenty years of sales leadership experience with manufacturers in industrial power and automation.

He previously held sales and marketing leadership positions in companies such as Hammond Power Solutions, Emerson Electric and Weidmuller. He has been active in industry associations including the National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association, the Association for High Technology Distribution and the National Association of Electrical Distributors.

Mr Gibson said: “Becoming part of the sales leadership team of RoMan is an honour and a privilege. RoMan is one of the, if not, strongest global brand in the diverse industries it serves. My job here is two-fold. First, to ensure RoMan continues on a strong sales course, and second, that it does so while providing our customers with a superior buying experience.”

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Albright University and an Electrical Engineering Technology degree from the Pennsylvania State University. He also is a graduate from Emerson Electric, Canada’s Advanced Leadership programme.

Pictured: James Gibson, Director of Global Sales