Russia’s Glass Décor has commissioned a direct silk screen printing machine produced by Italy’s Fermac at its decoration factory in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Region.

This CNS (computer numerical control) machine is designed to decorate glass bottles with complicated shapes, as well as apply decoration on glass bottles’ edges.

This new purchase is the only machine with a real CNS electronic package which syncs five numerical axes during decoration cycle, also including vertical movement and rotation of the object, screen holder carriage translation, flood bar translation.

This control allows Glass Decor operators control decoration at each stage, as well as decorate bottles of any shape, either round or square, or conic and oval, or of any complicated architecture.

A special processor controls the technology line, considering the size and shape of the decorated bottle.

The new decoration line is equipped with an additional UV-curving station ensuring a perfect curing at 360°. For thermoplastic organic ink, the machine hosts an infra-red optical pyrometer for T°C self-adjustment.

Before the unloading, the machine is fitted with a linear camera for checking the quality of the printing.

This patented system has a user friendly interface and provides saving the master image of an object and elaborating all the parameters and tolerances requested by the quality control such as number of areas for control and tolerance of each parameter within each area.

The system generates and saves reports with statistical data that can be recorded. For every scrap item, a JPEG image of the defect area is compared to the master sample. A Glass Decor operator can further analyse the deviations from the master object to correct and cancel defects. Modem connection with the manufacturing company allows Glass Decor team to receive online consultancy on any questions.

This new decoration line is equipped with 10 stations and performs eight-colour decoration process at 80 bottles / per minute.

Direct silk screen print is the most widely used means of decoration, allowing the manufacturer to protect its brand from counterfeit. A glass bottle, decorated with silk screen, remains resistant from scratches and chemical substances. Apart from that, a glass bottles with direct silk screen decoration has a pleasant and aesthetic look..

“We in Glass Decor have been investing in new, most up to date technologies which allow us to maintain the highest standards of customer services,” said Vladimir Arutiunov, Glass Decor owner and CEO.

“Our long-standing and successful partnership with Fermac proves that real leaders are always a few steps ahead and are not scared to come out of comfort zone, to offer their clients new and bold solutions."