Saint-Gobain's insulation subsidiary Isover, will invest €120 million to increase glass wool production capacity in France.

The investments will begin in 2022 and take place over the coming years in an effort to increase capacity as well as support the acceleration of the energy renovation market.

These investments will involve increasing the capacity of existing Isover production lines and creating a new line.

Isover currently has three glass wool plants in France, located in Chalonsur-Saône, Chemillé and Orange.

By 2025, in response to strong demand driven by energy renovation, Saint-Gobain said it will bring to the French market more than 70,000 additional tons of glass wool insulation (including 11,000 tons as early as 2023), which will enable the equivalent of 100,000 additional homes to be renovated each year.

Of the €120 million, €20 million will be specifically dedicated to the decarbonisation of production and the development of the circular economy.

This will enable the installation of a treatment unit for deconstruction waste to be reincorporated into the production process as a substitute for virgin raw materials, and an increase in the proportion of recycled glass used in the production process to 80% by 2025.