Saint-Gobain Crystals has been awarded a $20 million, three-year contract to supply the US Army with glass for a rocket launcher.

It will supply sapphire engineered armour and tooling to make bulletproof windshields and door windows for the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Launcher.

Saint-Gobain's plant in Milford, New Hampshire, will supply the products, which consist of large sheets of sapphire laminated with multiple layers of glass and polycarbonate.

The transparent armour-window products were developed at the Milford plant using Saint Gobain’s materials’ expertise.

The transparent armour replaces conventional glass-glass armour.

According to Saint Gobain, the mechanical and optical properties of the armour meet the higher threat levels that combat vehicles now endure while also providing greater weight savings, better night vision effectiveness and higher lifetime durability in challenging environments such as the desert.