French group Saverglass plans to build a glassmaking and decoration factory in Mexico for operation by June 2018.

The group, which has a manufacturing and decorating unit in Arques, France has decided to settle in Mexico to meet a growing market demand.

Saverglass specialises in the manufacture of luxury bottles and will build a factory and a decoration workshop in Mexico.

Saverglass President Loïc Quentin de Gromard, said: ”There is a fundamental trend in this continent, namely the development of artisanal distilleries. They abound. There are about 1,500 in the United States. And in Mexico, there is Tequila that can only be produced in a specific region of the country. These distilleries are part of a high-end market, which corresponds to the bottles we produce."

By moving to Mexico, Saverglass will be able to sell in this country, but also to move very quickly to the United States, whether it is on the East Coast or on the West Coast.