Italian palletising company Zecchetti, Automation group Schneider Electric, annealing lehr specialist Pennekamp and forming company Revimac are the latest businesses to confirm their Glassman Europe participation.

Each of these leading technology suppliers to the glass industry have secured their booths at the forthcoming event.

Glassman Europe is a free to attend combined exhibition and conference dedicated to the hollow and container glass sectors.

Exhibitors encompass everyone from the glassmaking process, from batch plant and raw materials to the cold end and packaging, and everything in between.

Some of the other companies which have also agreed to exhibit at the event include Lyon-based group Iris Inspection machines Italy’s All Glass, Stara Glass and Emmeti, Germany’s Zippe, Sorg and Heye International, the USA’s Henry F. Teichmann and AGR International, and the UK’s Electroglass and FIC UK, among others.

This year’s event also includes two conferences: one devoted to Trends in Glassmaking, the other to Industry 4.0 in glassmaking and called the Future Glass Forum.

The European Container Glass Industry association, FEVE, also has its Policy and Environmental meeting during the event. Container glassmakers from across the continent will aten the meeting.

The Czech Republic’s Glass Service will also host a training course in Lyon at the same time as Glassman Europe.

The last event in 2015 was well attended by associations, suppliers and glassmakers alike. Visitors included glassmakers from O-I, Verallia, Saverglass, Stolzle, SGD, Pochet du Courval and Arc International from France.

Glassmakers from outside of France which attended were Ardagh, BA Vidro, Bormioli Rocco, Heinz-Glas, Sisecam, Carib Glassworks, Vetropack, Moldova’s Glass Container Company, Russia’s Ekran, Beatson Clark, Verallia Germany, Saudi Arabian Glass Co, Noritazeh Glass and Italy’s Zignago Vetro.