Schott AG has appointed new shareholder representatives to the Supervisory Board of Schott Pharma, active until 2026.

Schott believes the new representatives will bring a broad range of expertise and industry experience to its recently carved-out subsidiary.

The new shareholders’ representatives of the Supervisory Board are as follows: Peter Goldschmidt (Chairman), CEO of Stada AG; Dr. Wolfgang Wienand (Vice Chairman), CEO of Siegfried Holding AG; Eva Kienle, CFO KWS Saat SE & Co. KGaA; and Ann-Kristin Erkens, Corporate Senior Vice President Financial and Business Controlling at Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

The remaining Supervisory Board members include Christine Wening and Mario Just representing the employees of Schott Pharma.

With this move, Schott is taking steps to ensure sustainable value creation for its Schott Pharma business in line with international standards. Schott Pharma AG & Co. KGaA is a pioneer in drug containment and delivery solutions for injectable drugs and has achieved a strong profitability, outperforming market growth rates in recent years according to its own estimates.

Dr Frank Heinricht, CEO of Schott AG, said: “Schott Pharma is looking at exciting milestones ahead. The establishment of a Supervisory Board with members from outside the Schott group is a further important step towards Schott Pharma’s capital market readiness. The newly appointed members have an excellent track record to govern the Management Team in taking full advantage of tremendous opportunities.”

The mandates are effective until the Annual General Meeting for the fiscal year ending 30 September 2026.

Chairman Peter Goldschmidt said: “Speaking on behalf of the Supervisory Board, we’re looking forward to contributing our expertise to Schott Pharma’s exciting journey. Schott Pharma has a strong track record and inspiring innovations in its pipeline, which hold the potential to further advance the pharma industry.”