Prof Dr C Austen Angell will be presented with the 15th Otto Schott Research Award by Schott this year.

Glass scientist Prof Angell from Arizona State University was chosen to receive the award and a €25,000 endowment for his pioneering, lasting scientific contributions throughout his influential research career.

Prof Kathleen, a member of the Schott's Board of Trustees, said: “Professor Angell has managed to remain constantly active and visible as a researcher.”

The technology group's board voted in unanimous favour of Prof Angell’s work on dynamics and processes in liquids.

Prof Tanguy Rouxel, a member of Schott's Board of Trustees, explained: “He has published many influential scientific papers as a first and even sole author.”

Prof Angell made many contributions to the glass science industry. For example, 100 of his 523 essays to date have been cited over 100 times. Angell’s publications have also been cited nearly 58,000 times of which 17,500 came from within the last five years. Angell holds a remarkable h-index (ratio for a scientist’s global reputation in professional circles) of 64; his entire career registers 106.

The American scientist has focused particularly on the classification of viscous fluids, as well as the description of cooperative processes for liquids in the form of an “energy landscape for cooperative processes in liquids.”

Charles Austen Angell was born in Canberra, Australia in 1933. He studied Chemistry and Metallurgy at the University of Melbourne.

He joined the Arizona State University in 1989, where he now serves as Regents’ Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The award will be presented at the 15th International Conference on the Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids in conjunction with the 14th European Society of Glass Conference in St. Malo, France, on July 9, 2018.

Pictured: Prof Dr C Austen Angell, winner of this year’s Otto Schott Research Award