Schott has partnered with vivo to protect the external displays of its foldable phones using its ultra-thin and drop resistant glasses.

vivo’s phones vivo X Flip and vivo X Fold 2 both feature glass innovations from Schott.

The vivo X Flip is the first foldable phone to be certified by TÜV Rheinland to withstand over 500,000 folds.

The model features Schott ultra-thin glass (UTG), a flexible glass that’s thinner than a human hair with an outstanding bending strength after processing.

In addition, both models feature external displays that are protected by Schott’s most drop-resistant cover glass Xensation α (Alpha).

Xensation α is made from the robust lithium-alumino-borosilicate (LABS) glass.

It offers 100% improvement in drop resistance on rough and uneven surfaces compared to other premium cover glass and is more scratch resistant than conventional LAS glass.

The imaging system vivo co-engineered with Zeiss, the sister company of Schott, is protected by high-performance Xensation Up. cover glass tailored for camera modules.

The two foldable phones continue the partnership between the smartphone manufacturer vivo and the sister companies Zeiss and Schott.

Dr Feng He, Head of Global Product Management and Application of UTG Cover at Schott, said: “We are very pleased to be a trusted partner for our customer. As a pioneer in UTG and cover glass, Schott has a wealth of knowledge gained over the past decades. We are excited to take part in shaping the future of foldable devices.”