Schott has increased its sales activities for its Borofloat specialty glass in the Chinese market by teaming up with two local companies as preferred partners: GOUS Optics and Greenrays.

The German specialty glass producer Schott was the first company world-wide to successfully float borosilicate glass in 1993.

For more than 20 years, the company has improved the quality of the material and introduced the versatile product to a large variety of applications world-wide:

As an oven door window; as a biochip used in modern medical technology; as a component utilised in theatre spotlights, film projectors or diving robots; and as a key component in research telescopes used for space exploration.

“This material is also extremely interesting for the Chinese market. We have been experiencing a steady rise in the demand of high quality materials in China as our local industry has recently been producing more and more high-tech products.

“That is why our high-quality floated borosilicate glass has an enormous potential here. We already see new applications, for example in China’s optical industry, which rely on our Borofloat glass,” said Albert Chen, Managing Director of Schott in China.

Schott has recently teamed up with the GOUS Optics in Shanghai and Greenrays in Guangzhou to better serve the Chinese market.

In addition, Schott also offers direct technical support out of Suzhou where its Customer Technical Service Centre is located.