SEFPRO’s furnace cooling systems at its SEPR plant in Le Pontet, France will reduce its gas consumption and CO2 emissions by approximately 500 tons.

The systems for furnace cooling, as well as a dust collector, will reduce the SEPR’s plant water consumption by at least 100,000m3 per year.

The heat recovered in the water will also reduce SEFPRO's gas consumption and CO2 emissions by nearly 500 tons.

This is in line with the company’s sustainability targets for 2030, to reduce water withdrawal by 50% and CO2 emissions by 33%.

Laurent Cohen-Scali, SEFPRO Vice President, also revealed SEFPRO’s latest solution for throats.

XiROC is one of the refractory solutions developed to help glassmakers reduce carbon emissions.

It is highly resistant to upward drilling corrosion, which contributes to reduced throat wear, has a stable level of power to melt glass and thus significant energy savings.

Mr Cohen-Scali continued that SEFPRO will develop a full range of solutions dedicated to new melting technologies, including electrical boosting, full electrical melting and hydrogen combustion.