Ramsey has extended its line of wear protected products to include the Sentry conveying chain.

Sentry is an extended pitch two-pin chain that, according to Ramsey, combines the best features of Ramsey’s Allguard FX, Two Pin, and Extended Pitch conveying chains with features developed for high speed power transmission chain.

The company said Sentry customers would enjoy these advantages, guard links with fully recessed pin heads, 100% hardened alloy steel construction- no sintered metal, two pin chain joints, extended pitch chain design, staked pin heads and pre-stressing for reduced chain elongation.

Unlike other wear protected chains, the guard links on Sentry chains are hardened alloy steel. No sintered metal parts are used in the chain. This results in a more robust and impact resistant chain. Also, the pin heads in the chains are ‘staked’ using technology developed by Ramsey.

Staked heads are durable and more compact than heads formed by other methods. Sentry chains are also pre-stressed during manufacturing to fully seat components and to reduce chain ‘stretch’.

Ramsey customers who preferred two pin chain designs challenged engineers to come up with a new, all steel, two pin chain design that would offer the same kind of wear protection.

Working closely with customers, Ramsey developed several prototypes before deciding on the Sentry design.

David Holcomb, VP of Sales, said: “Sentry chains blend features which have been successfully used in Ramsey glass conveying chain for decades with totally new features which are only available from Ramsey.”