South Korean manufacturer SGC Solutions is to supply washing machine door glass to Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.

SGC has developed washing machine door glass based on its exclusive heat-resistant tempered glass manufacturing technology.

The glass is installed as part of the washing machine door, inside the drum.

Therefore, the glass needs to withstand both the intense heat caused by boiling and drying, as well as the shock generated during washing.

In 2021, SGC Solutions succeeded in developing a large capacity washing machine door glass that is only produced in certain European countries.

The glass has verified its quality by being applied to large-capacity drum washing machine such as Bespoke (Samsung) and Objet (LG).

It will also be mounted to tumble dryers doors for Samsung and LG within this year.

SGC Solutions plans to expand its global market supply through contact with several home appliance brands, as the demand for tumble dryers is increasing along with washing machines.

Moon Byung-do, CEO of SGC Solution, said, “I hope that world-class home appliance companies in the US and Europe will apply trustworthy 'Made in Korea' washing machine door glass to increase the quality of durable goods and gain synergy in product quality and corporate competitiveness.”

SGC Solutions is a Korean household glass manufacturer with 56 years of business history, which includes a portfolio of over 30,000 glass bottles.

SGC Solutions produces more than one million units of bottle glass, glass airtight containers and washing machine door glass every day.