Corning Incorporated is collaborating with SGD Pharma to set up a pharmaceutical glass packaging facility in Telangana state India.

Both the companies will jointly invest INRs 500 crore to set up the facility, with first production scheduled for Q1 2025.

The intended project has the potential to create nearly 150 jobs in the Mahabubnagar District of Telangana.

SGD Pharma already has presence in the region with its Vemula Plant, dedicated to Type I moulded and tubular glass vials.

This collaboration will combine SGD Pharma’s glass vial high manufacturing and converting expertise with Corning’s pharmaceutical tubing technology.

This will secure SGD Pharma’s tubing capacities to supply primary packaging to its Indian and international customers from the Telengana State.

Corning is one of the largest global producers of Type I pharmaceutical glass tubing, and an end-to-end (from raw material to finished product) pharmaceutical glass packaging manufacturer.

Corning will collaborate with SGD Pharma to enable the consistent supply of borosilicate tubing for SGD Pharma’s production of Type I vials.

Managing Director of SGD Pharma Akshay Singh, said: “We are proud to partner with Corning and Telangana to reinforce the strength of the pharmaceutical industry in Telangana by securing the full supply chain of primary packaging.”