Pharmaceutical glass manufacturer SGD Pharma, has become the first company to offer Type I moulded glass vials.

SGD Pharma has organised its Type I moulded glass offer into three tailored value propositions – AXess, AXecure and AXpert.

AXess delivers reliable, good quality glass packaging with straightforward TCO and is used for essential or primary care drugs that require inert Type I packaging.

AXess delivers proven vial designs and optimized packaging configurations.

AXecure delivers built-in flexibility to cover all needs, with a wide range of superior quality vials for a diverse set of applications.

AXecure is the standard for parenteral applications with an entirely customisable offering, from glass vial design to palletization options.

AXpert is designed for the most demanding and costly drugs that require the highest levels of quality and integrity, for applications such as oncology and specialty care.

By providing access to advanced and personalised support and service at all times, AXpert protects high value drug products.

Camille Ermine, Product Manager Parenteral at SGD Pharma said: “With the development of the AXess, AXecure and AXpert ranges, this portfolio elevates SGD Pharma’s existing products and services, delivering additional levels of security, product choice, support, and global availability to support Business Continuity.”