SGD Pharma has completed a €7 million investment at its Zhanjiang, China glassmaking site.

The investment included a rebuild of its furnace and installation of new automation and production equipment.

It included the renewal and reorganisation of the equipment for the production lines, the clean room and the resorting, as well as the automation of the decoration workshop.

The energy supply for the furnace was modified. The new furnace is natural liquid gas based compared to the previous fuel-based, which has reduced the plant’s carbon footprint.

This change has brought the furnace into compliance with China's new environmental regulations. In addition to this reduction, the plant reduced in non-carbon emissions (SO2).

The furnace components have also been transformed to obtain a more precise refinement that improves the quality of the glass. The rebuild took 40 days and the overall production has increased by 11%.

For the hot end, for the transformation of glass into flasks, one of the six production lines has been renewed. In addition, two lines were also upgraded with advanced equipment on the market.

In the cold end, the ISO 8 clean room was completely redesigned and increased in size in accordance with ISO standards. New inspection machines were installed.

The plant produces 1.2 million Type II & III flint moulded glass vials a day for the parenteral market and for health care beauty products.

With a surface of ​​85,000 m2, the plant included a glass furnace, six production lines, an ISO 8 clean room of 2,000 m², a resorting room and a customisation workshop.