SGD Pharma is to invest €20 million in its Sucy-En-Brie, France glassmaking site.

The pharmaceutical glassmaker, along with its shareholder JIC, plans to rebuild the furnace and modernise the century-old site

The factory has 400 employees and has been dedicated to producing pharmaceutical glass vials and bottles since 1917.

The factory supplies syrups, droppers, tablets, injectable and infusion bottles to more than 450 customers around the world.

It covers the following therapeutic areas: oral and parenteral antibiotics, parenteral nutrition, respiratory illness, pain-relievers, anesthetics, and OTC.

Every year, Sucy produces number of bottles of Type II & III flint and amber moulded glass bottles, making the factory one of the largest players in the European health care industry.

Its 41,000m² surface includes two furnaces and eight production lines connected to ISO 8 clean rooms. The factory operates under stringent quality requirements and is certified ISO 15378 & 50001.

The furnace renovation will include a complete rebuild using advanced technologies to meet its continuous improvement initiatives while reducing its environmental footprint.

Benefits to our customers: a continued improvement in the quality of products, increased production flexibility, and a greater adaptation to market needs.

The renovation, which will take a few weeks, has been planned for almost a year which allowed has allowed the company to optimise the stock management of critical items as well as establishing runs on the second furnace to ensure continuous supply.