The 2021 Training Day held on the day before Furnace Solutions was cancelled due to the pandemic, instead the Society of Glass Technology are holding a series of five, one-off training seminars held online on the second Wednesday of the month, starting in October and running into the International Year of Glass.

The speakers and topics cover the general area of furnace performance but with a focus on auditing and the forehearth.

Wednesday 13th October 2021: Thermal balance and furnace screening: a periodic audit to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency presented by Walter Battaglia of Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro (SSV).

Wednesday 10th November 2021: Forehearth Audits – is your glass conditioning equipment at its best? Presented by Alan Stephens of Five Stein.

Wednesday 8th December 2021: Forehearth Colour Technology: Today’s performance needs and new challenge presented by Pauline Darbouret of Ferro.

Wednesday 12th January 2022: NOx emission and possibilities to reduce presented by Matthias Hagen of Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth (LTB).

Wednesday 9th February 2022: Challenges of Tin Bath Blocks in the “Float Process” and how to test them? Presented by Jan Theron of Lucideon.