Society of Glass President Bill Brookes hailed an ‘eclectic and interesting’ successful annual conference.

Approximately 100 people attended the three-day event which took place in Cambridge, UK earlier this month.

The second day’s Industry session was devoted to energy and how it is delivered to and used by glassmakers.

The session contained 12 presentations which included two keynote papers: one from Richard Hulme and Rob Ireson of the Glass Futures organisation and one from FIC UK’s Stuart Hakes.

Other speakers were carmaker Volvo, Eurotherm, two papers from GTS, Renewable UK, the Solar Trade Association, the National Nuclear Laboratory, RWTH Aachen, Nuclear AMRC and Stara Glass.

Mr Brookes said: “It was a very interesting day and an eclectic mix of speakers and an eclectic mix of topics. I think from the comments that were made, during the networking that the people who came were very pleased and they learned a lot about the glass industry.”

Plans are already in place for next year’s Industry session, which will focus on raw materials in glassmaking.

It will take place between September 1-5 2019, at Murray Edward College, Cambridge, UK