The Society of Glass Technology President praised everyone involved the organisation of its successful centenary conference.

A total of 420 delegates from 28 countries attended the week-long celebration in Sheffield, UK last week, which included parallel sessions on different aspects of glassmaking, a conference banquet and commemorative presentations.

The event marked 100 years since the Society of Glass Technology (SGT) was formed in Sheffield by Professor W.E.S Turner.

SGT President, Prof Russell Hand, spoke of his admiration of SGT office staff and outsiders who had helped organise the event.

“There were various people who contributed to the programme. The core team were supported by other people, and everyone did lots of things. Without the contribution from these people, the meeting would not have happened.

“As a society we’re used to organising meetings but not on this scale. There were challenges associated with scaling up our activities but we rose to that challenge really well.”

Among those that Prof Hand thanked were the SGT office team, Neil Simpson, Paul Bingham, the GlassTrend organisation, David Martlew, Adrian Wright, David Pye, Edgar Zanotto and Aldo Boccaccini.

There were 177 delegates from UK, 52 from Germany, 32 from USA, 31 from France, 23 from Japan, 18 from Czech Republic, 11 from Italy and 76 from other countries, including from Brazil, China and Mexico.

The meeting had 245 talks as well as 60 posters and included GlassTrend and Furnace Solutions industrial conference days.

Prof Hand added: “The conference always had a very good buzz about it and the people I spoke to were all very complimentary. We thought we had produced a strong programme across all the sectors and I think that was bourne out by the responses of delegates.

“We built a strong programme which encouraged more people to attend. There were specific elements in the programme such as GlassTrend and Furnace Solutions from industry and the Turner Memorial symposium for academics, which encouraged people to come.

“There were also people present who were keen to see where we are after 100 years. There were also various people who were keen at being present at the 100th birthday of a society that a lot of people hold in high esteem.”

Pictured: Delegates at the Glass Trend conference day