Simon Holmes has been appointed Managing Director of UK ware handling company, Sheppee International.

Mr Holmes first joined the company 22 years ago in July 1995 as an apprentice, shortly after his 18th birthday. Since then has worked in several roles in both production and in sales at Sheppee, as well as stints working elsewhere in the industry.

He is a well-known figurehead in the sector and has travelled throughout the world to meet glass container industry contacts.

Mr Holmes said: “I am emotionally proud. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for me. I’ve worked here man and boy and to be appointed MD means an awful lot to me.

"I’ve always seen Sheppee as the place I was brought up, I have very fond memories here as an apprentice and it is the company that has brought me on as a person.

"I’ve a very well rounded knowledge of Sheppee. I grew up with Sheppee, know its products and I’m very comfortable with the people I work with here.

“My focus is obviously on developing the business and developing new equipment but also the security and well-being of all the people here is of major importance to me.

“I believe that if you look after your people they will look after your company. I’m huge on that.”

Sheppee is based near York, UK and is part of the Rondot group, which comprises of 19 companies. Sheppee employs 44 people and is devoted exclusively to hot glass container ware handling equipment.

A longer interview with Mr Holmes will appear in a forthcoming issue of Glass International.