Russian manufacturer Ekra has selected Italy’s Glass Service to supply equipment for coloured glass containers.

It means Ekran will be the first Siberian company to provide container glass in any colour upon request.

Work on the preparation for the launch of the line on its furnace No.2 has already started.

The RUS200 million investment will mean Ekran could produce up to 60 million coloured bottles a year in blue, green, brown, purple and pink.

Ekran chairman Pavel Bobosik signed the contract with Glass Service.

He said demand for coloured glass containers from customers had increased in recent months.

Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages intend to stop pouring drinks in transparent containers in an effort to protect the market from counterfeit traders.

Commissioning of the coloured glass container production line is the final stage of the modernisation of the second furnace.

Ekran started its modernization of furnace №2 in November 2015 which increased daily output from 140 to 200 tons, and the service life extended by 8 to10 years

Furnace №.2 is currently equipped with an 8-cell and two 6-cell lines for the production of colourless glass containers for alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, beer and cans of a capacity of less than one litre.