Siberian container glass manufacturer Sibirskoe Steklo has completed the modernisation of its largest furnace at its Novosisirsk site.

The furnace has increased in size from 250 tons to 375/410 tons a day and means the plant can produce up to 780 tons a day at capacity.

Thanks to boosting from FIC UK, the plant can manoeuvre its capacity according to the needs of the market and needs of its key customers.

In addition the furnace now has five 10-section forming machines compared to the previous three.

The €20 million investment also included new inspection equipment, modernisation of all existing equipment including the batch house, conveyor lines and a cooling system.

The facility also has two other furnaces which produce flint glass for spirits bottles from 12 forming machines.

A total of 120 people were involved in the construction works, mainly from Russia, some of whom were represetatives of European suppliers unable to travel due to Covid.

CEO Pavel Bobosik said the company had overcome the challenges posed by Covid to complete the modernisation.

He said: “With modern technology and mastery of our team we were able to overcome this COVID-19 obstacle.”

A full interview with Mr Bobosik about the investment will appear in the April printed issue of Glass International.