Sişecam’s Glass Packaging unit is to install Xpar Vision hot end technology at its plants in Yenisehir, Eskisehir and Mersin, Turkey.

The installation of Xpar Vision’s InfraRed Gobweight Control (IGC) systems at its blow-blow production lines means the Turkish glass packaging company can extend the control of the forming process by automatic closed loop control of the weight of the gobs, performed by IGC.

This development by Xpar Vision allows the plant’s operators to gain in ease-of-use operation while receiving the benefits of the automated closed loop to regulate stable weight of the bottles produced, with an accuracy of less than 0.3% of the bottle weight.

Mr. Cengizhan Göçer, Production Manager of the Eskisehir plant said: “We have installed the IGC systems in several blow-blow production lines and we appreciate their performance.

"For our most important customers we decided to install more automatic control systems to increase the stability and repeatability of the bottle forming process.”

Mr. Mustafa Çetiner, Vice President, Production at Şişecam Glass Packaging group, stated: “The systems help us increase our performance in terms of quality and output.

"The technology allows our operators and specialists to reduce the variations in the forming process.”

Sişecam Glass Packaging is a container glass manufacturer that makes glass for the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics sectors.