Sisecam Group has established and operated a “Digital Fraud Detection and Control System” for payments made through banks, the first company in Turkey to do so.

The company hopes this initiative will help reach its goal of “End-to-end Digital Treasury Management".

The company became the first in Turkey to transfer a bank payment order with a high level of security and without the need for any manual processes, subsequent to online fraud audit and blacklist company scans.

Thanks to the Digital Fraud Detection and Control System Sisecam commissioned based on the most widespread fraud scenarios across the world, it aims to prevent increasing fraud cases in relation to payments made by corporate companies.

Professor Ahmet Kirman, Sisecam Group Vice Chairman and CEO (pictured), said: “In times when quick and accurate decisions have become crucial, we are engaging in practices that enhance our efficiency and strengthen our competence towards taking decisions based on data.

“Through our system, suppliers across the globe will be able to access any financing opportunities linked to their sales to Şişecam Group by means of a single global platform”.

Sisecam Group has also said it will soon launch its Global Supplier Financing System, another first for the company.