Sisecam has renewed its Performance Calculator under the name of Sisecam GlassTool.

The Performance Calculator, in which performances such as light transmittance, solar factor, and U value of the combinations created by changing the thickness and properties of Şişecam’s flat glass products can be achieved, has been renewed under the name of Şişecam GlassTool.

It is now available to industry professionals and thanks to its drag-and-drop working principle will make life easier for users.

Combinations created in the Turkish glass manufacturer’s Performance Calculator website and mobile applications can be created more quickly and easily with Şişecam GlassTool, and users will be able to access all glass performances.

Şişecam GlassTool provides great convenience thanks to it features, allowing users to:

• Calculate performances on a wider scale with the principle of multi-layered computing

• Choose the unit display as millimetres or inches

• Calculate with European (EN) and American (NFRC) standards

• Easily access products with the quick search option

• Calculate performances by changing angles for façades with different angles

• Quick access to CE Declarations and BIM Objects

• Download the performance result page as a PDF file

• Save projects and templates, and retrieve deleted items with the recycle bin

Şişecam GlassTool is easy to use any time, anywhere and provides users with free access from their computers, tablets or mobile phones via the glasstool website or the mobile app found on the Apple Store or on the Google Play Store.