Şişecam has launched a website which informs stakeholders about all its actions on sustainability.

The CareforNext micro website is designed to interact with all its stakeholders while providing comprehensive information about its sustainability activities.

This platform includes details of the CareforNext approach; information about Şişecam’s recyclable, value added, advanced technology products developed with a focus on sustainability; promotional videos; corporate social responsibility projects; news/announcements and events related to these key areas.

Şişecam explains its sustainability relationship with its investors and communicates its policies, documents and projects on this topic in the ‘Sustainability from A to Z’ section of the micro website.

In addition to its own sustainability reports, Şişecam plans to disclose the reports of its various brands across its global operations to stakeholders with this website.

Measuring and transparently reporting its progress every year in line with the priority goals, Şişecam aims to inform stakeholders on how it approaches sustainability via the CareforNext micro website.

Şişecam announced its CareforNext 2030 strategy in 2021 as a roadmap of its sustainability priorities.

The company aims to expand this vision further for a better world to all its stakeholders and processes in the value chain – including raw material supply, production, sales and consumption.

The company focuses on sustainability as a core responsibility rather than simply an obligation to comply with production standards. Şişecam considers its ‘Sustainable Future’ concept as a priority.